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About Us

I am Phil Coley BSc, MBCS, CITP and I started Coley Consulting in 2001 to help organisations reduce the risk of accepting new systems, by training their users in good User Acceptance Testing practise. It is a fact that users who have not been trained in the proper testing techniques can poorly execute UAT. Every week details are released of systems where, in a lot of cases, better testing would have exposed the problems before they became a public embarrassment. As a result the system users, the organisation and the customers feel the consequences.

Free Articles

On this site are a number of free articles describing how to apply the theory of system development and testing to practical areas. This information is of use to business people who are working on a project, or to those who are studying or have an interest in the process.

My Experience

Having worked for a number of years for two national companies, I understand the entire development process from requirements through to implementation. The companies were:

I have come from working in development teams to becoming an advocate of good practise in the user community, a role I continue today.

My Qualifications

I am a Member of the British Computing Society the leading professional body for those working in IT. This includes being a Chartered IT Professional the society’s “gold standard”.

I also have the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing.