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Accessibility Statement

This statement is for the Coley Consulting website.

Language Used On The Site

This site is UK operated and owned and the spelling used is British English. Therefore spellings like "organisation" are used rather than "organization". Wikipedia has several articles showing the differences between American and British English.

Access Keys

A number of browsers allow you to jump to specific links using special keys. On Windows the combination is to press ALT and an access key, on Macintosh it is Control and an access key. On this site this function is not generally used so that it will not interfere with any browser codes you use. There are two exceptions:


Many links that have title attributes. All of them open in the browser and do not start new pages. You will know when you leave the site by the page style changing.


All images have ALT descriptions, unless they are decorative in which case they have null values.

Visual Design

CSS is used throughout, with proportional fonts to allow font resizing in most browsers. Non-CSS browsers will still see all the content.

Structural Design

The website is coded to XHTML standards. This is verified by using CSE HTML Validator Pro for all pages. Key pages are also verified using the W3 Organisations validator. In addition sample pages are checked using a number of browsers, and versions.

Browser Compatibility

We keep to as many formal, de-facto, and informal standards as possible on our website. Unfortunately this always means trying to get the best combination from a number of overlapping standards, some of which say something slightly different.

We have had to remove presentation information from browsers which do not fully support the CSS2 standard. However all the information on the site that can be accessed by earlier versions of HTML is available to these browsers.

IE 5 and IE 6 browsers do not have drop down menus, but the contents are in each section's article index.

Site Checks

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