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Document Management Software Definitions

When you start to think about document management software, two things immediately strike you:

  1. The number of three and four letter abbreviations that exist.
  2. The number of vendors trying to sell you a solution.

Immediately you go from having an idea of what you want, to total confusion. This article explains some of these abbreviations to enable you to firm up your idea of what you want, or at least understand what is being offered to you.

Document Management Abbreviations

This is a rough and ready guide arranged in a logical order of systems to give you an overview of the types of system you will be dealing with.

Document Management Vendors

The definitions given above are a partial mapping, and do not cover all the abbreviations used by system vendors. Many of the vendors' products cover more than one of these areas; some can be easily linked to other vendor systems to cover all areas. However they are all deal in selling their solution, which may or may not meet your purpose.

Decide Your Document Management Objectives

This is not unfair of the vendors, as you must first know what it is you want to do. The phrase Document Management actually means very little. What's more for most practical purposes it will be very difficult to achieve. Therefore before speaking to vendors you need to:

You can now approach vendors to:

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