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7.1 Evaluation Team

Section 7, Item Pass/Fail Criteria of a test plan has four sub-sections: 7.1 Evaluation Team, 7.2 Exit Criteria, 7.3 Evaluation Process, and 7.4 Requirements Traceability Matrix.

The sub-section on 7.1 Evaluation Team deals with who should be on the team which evaluates the data from the testing process to make a pass/fail decision. This should not be a mechanical process but a considered discussion of all the testing process has discovered about the item being tested. From a UAT perspective a decision can be made to release flawed software which will still deliver benefit for an organisation, also not to release an item which works according to the specification but is judged not to provide benefit.

The team should call from a number of stakeholders such as the project owner, the UAT team, the development team and anybody else judged to have an interest in the release of the item. This section can detail job responsibilities or actual people depending on what you wish to do.

Sample Text for 7.1 Evaluation Team

Whether an item has passed or failed will be evaluated by a team consisting of:

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