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3. Test Items

There are three key sections for defining the SCOPE of a Test Plan: 3. Test Items, 4. Features to be Tested, and 5. Features not to be Tested.

Within "3. Test Items" there are three suggested sections:

3.1 Items To Be Tested

In this subsection you specify in outline the items, which will be systems and subsystems, that are to be tested along with their version numbers. As an an example for a Library Management System this could be:

The following parts of the Library Information System will be tested:

Items to be Tested Version Number
The borrowers sub-system version 3.1
The circulation sub-system version 3.0
The catalogue sub-system version 4.0

3.2 Items Not To Be Tested

The second section is to define what systems and subsystems will not be tested. An example for a Library Management System would be:

The following part of the Library Information System will not be tested:

Items Not to be Tested
The reports sub-system

3.3 Related Project Documentation

This lists project documentation which relates to systems to be tested. These documents are those which enable tests to be designed and run. Examples are:

The following documentation is related to the items being tested:

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